There are lot options when you recycling LCD screens, some swap the OEM screens for the Chinese copy screens, to save the money, but usually have deal with lots customers complaint due to the low quality of the Chinese copy screens, that’s why some people are willing pay more money for the OEM screens, to avoid this kind situation. They either use the broken LCD to swap or just buy it from suppliers.


There is still one question remain, is the OEM screens they got from the suppliers are truly OEM, the answer is NO. Yes, the LCD is original, but what about the cable, frame or glass. Most of these OEM screens are refurbished in China, due to Canada much high labor cost and lack of skill technician. But Chinese company will use the cheap material instead of OEM material for screens refurbishing to get higher profit, suppliers couldn’t really oversee the refurbish process, or they simply don’t care, since most people couldn’t tell the difference. It may be hard to tell the difference, but the screens make of OEM material are definitely much better quality. There is worse situation, the cable is not original, it is a much bigger problem, since it will cause the touch no working even though the LCD is original. In fact, these kind screens are very common in Chinese market, so if you buy these so call OEM screens, and think you don’t need to worry, think again.


This is the why our customers love our refurbish service, spend less money, get full OEM screens, and since we only refurbish the screens, the screens you get are the screens you give to us, so never need to worry about the aftermarket cable. All the material we use are OEM, you will never need to worry about the quality again. We also take care of the shipping for you, the only thing you need to do is packaging all the broken screen, and wait couple days, you will get your brand new screens back.


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