Never simply throw screens that is broken, cracked or has bad backlight or dead pixels into the trash, you have a better option, sell them to us, LCD TECH. Why? For starter, you can make a considerable amount of money. But it’s not just about the money, we should see the big picture here. Selling us your broken screens, it helps protect the earth we all live in.P1000204

The broken screens contain items that may be environmental hazards. While these substances are not toxic within the phone, if enough mercury or other toxic elements leak into the environment, soil and water quality problems arise. Also the glass and plastic, the major component of the screen, if they are buried into the soil, like most other trash in the junkyard, but unlike you last night left over will be biodegradation in couple weeks, glass and plastic never, they will stay there for hundred , maybe thousand years.

A smartphone screen, even the broken one, is pretty valuable, the touchscreen isn’t made from the same glass as a beer bottle. Rather, it contains a range of so-called rare earth elements, including indium, a valuable mineral that—at the time I write this chapter— costs more than $200 per pound. There is no commercially viable means of extracting indium from touch-screen glass, and there is unlikely to be one, the amount of indium in a touch screen doesn’t amount to more than a pinch, rendering its extraction a very dubious business indeed. For the foreseeable future, indium—one of the rarest of elements—will likely be mined, used in a single screen, and then lost for good.

mmexport1472918715827_1472919321258So everybody guess that recycle the broken screen would be a smart move, but why us, not the big chain cooperation company like Best Buy or Apple, because they only won’t take the broken screens, rather than the whole phone, which may be good for an average consumer, but would definite not work for a cellphone repair store owner like you.

I believe you already aware that selling the broken screen to us, LCD TECH, it is the best choice, so whenever, just give us a call or use our online chat, we are always here, ready to buyback all your broken screens.







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