In your everyday cellphone repair shop business, you must already see millions screens with all kind problems, from glass cracked, complete shattered, dead pixels, water damage, to LCD broken. After you replace it with a new screen, and give it back to the customer, but when you look at all these broken screens, have you ever wonder whether these screens have same kind value. Before I answer this question, you should know what the screens are made of. Smartphone screens are made up of two thin layers; a glass screen and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. The glass screen is responsible for protecting, viewing and operating your screen. The LCD screen is important for quality display and touch-response. Smartphone integrate touch screen usability with high resolution.


Now let’s back to the question, do all the broken screens have same value, the answer is NO. There are 2 factors to determine the value of a broken screen, the first one is model, it’s very plain and simple, the newer model is, the higher value. The second one is way much complicated, the damage of the screens. There is totally different refurbished procedure for different type damage, from relatively easy and cheap to very costly, some damages even cannot be repaired.


Broken glass

This is most common damage, and easiest to repair, so screens with only glass broken usually highest value

Broken glass with refurbished OEM screens

Most buyback company consider refurbished screens as B Grade, even though their only is broken glass, but no in LCD TECH INC, to us, OEM is OEM, doesn’t matter if it’s refurbished or not, we are still paying the best price for these kind screens.broken_screen_-final-1080x675


Dead pixel

LCD screens is make up with million pixel, A dead pixel occurs when the transistor that activates the amount of light that shows through all three subpixels malfunctions and results in a permanently black pixel. The value of screen with dead pixel will take a great hit, since it is way much more complicated to refurbish it than broken glass.


Backlight leakage problem

Backlight leakage occurs when light from behind the display panel is not fully blocked which causes spots of lighter areas to appear on a dark or black background. Imagine shining a torch through your hand. Light will likely come through from the cracks between your fingers. This is similar to how backlight bleeding occurs. Same as dead pixel, screens with backlight problem is repairable, but it will take lots effort to do so. That’s why screens with dead pixel and backlight problem are considered B Grade in our company.




Touch non-functional

Touch non-functional can be caused by much reason, like cable damage, broken LCD, some of them are repairable, some of them are not, but even it’s repairable, it will need lots time, special tools, and high trained skill. That’s why other company don’t want this kind screen, but our company, LCD TECH INC, is the ONLY company in North America buyback these kind screens, so if you sell your screens to us, it means extra money in your pocket.



Pressure spot

Pressure spot is cause by the application of extreme pressure on the screen which lead to the rupturing of the LCD screen, it can happen during the refurbished process, or phone drops and hits hard surface. Unfortunately these kind screens are not reparable, so we consider them as defective.



Now you already know about the difference of broken screens, what you should do next, oh yeah, request the free shipping label from us.



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