Best LCD Buyback Company in GTA

There is so many broken LCD screens recycling companies in GTA, people are always wondering what make our company, LCD TECH INC, stand out from our competitors. It’s very simply actually, we are the best LCD buyback company, not just in GTA, but the whole North America. We offer the best LCD broken screens buyback price, in the shortest turnaround time, with our best customer service, even the phone model we buyback is the most among all our competitors, and the most important , We have two thing other companies don’t have.

Buyback touch non-functional screens

Our competitors are not even thinking out buyback touch non-functional screens, but we cant really blame, they don’t have the equipment and skill to repair, so these screens just garbage to them, but definite not to us. We have the resources, the equipment and the well train technician, just like Macklemore in the “ shrift shop”, “One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up”, so if you have these kind broken screens, we are the ONLY choice in the market. So why not sell us these broken screen, not just earn some extra profit, but recycling the “garbage”, to make earth a better place.

Definition of A Grade screen

In the market, each company has their own standard to classify the broken screens, but their definition of A grade screens is almost the same, it’s fully functional OEM screen. But in your everyday business, you always meet the broken screen is already been refurbished once, sometime even twice, there is lots clumsy people in the world. If you ask our competitors, if these screens considered as A grade, they will tell you ‘ no, no, they have to go to the B Grade” which is a huge price difference from A Grade, usually is more than $30, but to us, OEM screen is OEM screen, it doesn’t matter how many time it has been refurbished, once, twice, heck, even three times, this is why we offer a way much better buyback price. Think about all the extra money you will make if you sell the broken screens to us.


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